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Episode 49

Radio IAGP 049: The First One Of 2021

On the first one of 2021, Implausibly Josh answers too many questions!

... On a scale of one to boing-oing-oing-oing, how horny are you for the big vampire lady? How did Capcom make the horniest video game of all time? Or are we all just stuck with Quarantine Madness and decided to walk the path of the quickest and sexiest death possible?

... What do you think Giovanni would even DO with Mewtwo? If he's already powerful enough to sway multiple gym leaders, have a secret genetics lab and likely unlimited resources, what does a powerful psychic cat give him?

... I love Remasters and remakes as much as the next person, but why are developers seemingly so against porting games to newer consoles? An all-digital future SHOULD include access to as many games as possible on that platform.

... Who would win a fight? Dr Mario or Great Saiyaman?

... Technology in gaming has come a long way. It's now possible to use my phone to connect to a server running a virtual machine and play a game at ridiculous graphics with very little lag. Do you think the traditional console model will go away, could MS or Sony offer Cloud Only packages for cheap PCs/phones as an extra revenue stream?

... Why is the Playstation the worst console and Sony is lying to gamers???

... Why is the Xbox total trash?? Microsoft is just ripping people off

... What would your ideal Star Wars Games as a Service game look like?

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